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“Performing Science in Early Modern England: Experimental Entertainment and its Audiences

in Senior and Parry (eds) The Routledge Handbook of Performance and Science 

(Routledge, 2024)

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Artifacts as Rules: Wittgenstein and the Sociology of Technology

Techné (2018)

Work in Progress

“Uncertainty in the Making: The Geiger Counter and Early Cosmic Ray Research"

Heuristics and Human Judgment: What we can Learn About Scientific Discovery from the Study of Engineering Design

Topoi (2018)

Nature as Spectacle: Experience and Empiricism in Early Modern Experimental Practice

Centaurus (2018)

Enchanting Automata: Wilkins and the Wonder of Workmanship

Intellectual History Review (2017)

Manual Labour and 'Mean Mechanicks': Bacon's Mechanical History and the Deprecation of Craft Skills in Early Modern Science

Perspectives on Science (2017)

Technology and Technique: The Role of Skill in the Practice of Scientific Observation

Perspectives on Science (2016)

Relevance and Relationalism

Metaphysica (2011)

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